Solutions Debt Relief, LLC was developed in response to the unprecedented debt crisis which is  currently affecting millions of Americans. Our genuine passion and mission statement is to assist our clients with eliminating their debt and the stress and crippling effects that come with it.  We not affiliated with the the credit industry, creditors or credit bureaus. Therefore, we act as your fiduciary, always acting in your best interest by providing unbiased, experienced knowledge and professional services to our customers.  We use proven strategies to resolve complicated debt issues and always with the purpose of saving as much money as possible for our customers. Our services are structured to assist your individual needs.

Solutions Debt Relief is a private company, not a credit counseling agency that charges higher fees, lower credit scores and slower results.  We Work For You!  We are not affiliated with banks, creditors or credit bureaus. However, we do know how to negotiate and communicate with them on your behalf for a beneficial resolution. 

Results Based Fee Structure

Unlike most debt settlement and debt relief companies, we Do Not charge upfront fees.  Since we are a private company dedicated to working for you and not affiliated with the credit industry, banks or credit bureaus, we are built on a structure of settling your debt before earning a final settlement fee, which is the lowest you'll find.  We pride ourselves on providing affordable assistance and quality results to those who need it most.

Our work ethic, determination, persistence and desire comes from our business philosophy to always help our clients and make their future brighter.  Because of that, there are a few characteristics which define us as a company.


Our Mission is to assist our clients in eliminating their credit card debt and establishing their original debt free lifestyle.  This requires communication with our clients and discovering the entire information related to their debt issues.  We make it a point to listen to our clients needs, explain the options available and the plan we recommend to attack their debt.


Our Vision is to grow our services by utilizing all information, technology and financial strategies to achieve the desired result.  As times change and our client's needs change, the importance of our ability to adapt to their needs changes as well.   


Our Values rest squarely with our clients needs.  Everything we do is in response to the current debt status of our clients and how to best resolve the financial impact it is having on their lives.  The constant obstacles and challenges they face inspire us to develop the most experienced team of professionals  possible so that we can achieve success.  We view each client as an opportunity to reinforce our reputation for professionalism, integrity and reliability.  Building strong business relationships that will sustain and give clients the confidence to suggest our services to family and friends is at the forefront of our process and purpose.