American Debt is at record levels and millions of Americans are currently facing debilitating effects of their debt for a variety of reasons.  With over 25 years of financial experience, Solutions Debt Relief uses it's knowledge, experience and integrity to be your trusted partner through your journey for debt freedom.  Our goal is to help you become debt free and your goal is to find a partner that can guide you through the process.  We are that partner you need and together we can accomplish the objective!  Don't wait to ask for assistance because every day you delay, your debt grows bigger and is harder to remove.  If you act now, you will feel free again!

How We Have Reduced Fees! 

Many of the biggest Debt Relief and Debt Settlement Companies claim to be the best simply because they are bigger and have more employees.  Bigger isn't always better! Have you ever compared the size of dimes and a nickels?  Dimes are much smaller, but they have twice the value as nickels.  We are a debt relief company that does not budget for huge spending on advertising, marketing and employee payroll.  We structure ourselves to lower our expenses in an effort to pass along savings to our customers. It's as simple as that.  We have the same qualifications (often times more), the same products and services, the same certified debt specialists and often times better customer service than you will find in the "bigger companies".  We enjoy assisting our clients by providing solutions for a brighter future and it would be our pleasure to assist you!

 Start Becoming Debt Free Today!

Being debt free isn't just a dream, it can be a reality.  When you choose Solutions Debt Relief, you have a partner with the knowledge, experience and integrity that's needed to make sure you have a successful result.

Upon completing our debt program and successfully resolving your debt issues, we will provide you with a "graduation gift" of financial assistance as our gift and wishes for future success after working hard in our program to improve your financial condition. 

Although creditors use different formulas to determine their required minimum payments, many people believe that if they pay the minimum payment amount listed on their monthly statement, they will pay off the total amount within 12-24 months which is a complete myth. The fact is that if you only pay the minimum payment amount, it will take you AT LEAST twice the amount of time and in some case decades (20-30 years) before the balance would be paid off because of the compounding interest that continues to keep getting added to the total balance every month. Again, the exact amount of time to pay off the total debt using minimum payments depends on how your specific creditor calculates their minimum payment amounts. Regardless, according to industry data, no minimum balance payment for any creditor will get the total debt paid off in less than 24 months.